States of Being

I know I am spending a lot of time on this Ken Wilber course, but it is so comprehensive. There are 35 to 40 hours of down loadable mp3 files and that is just the direct curriculum, there are quite a few bonuses. I am reviewing this course and it has had such a huge impact on my life so I think it deserves the extra attention

On a side note, last week I reached an important milestone in my business. I’m just starting but things are looking great. I promised myself I would have a celebration and I kept my word. Last night was a night to remember, me and several of my friends really cut loose and I have to give a huge shout out to my guys at Dayton’s Best Limo, their service gave the whole event  that “night to remember” feel that only happens once in a great while! If you want to do it right, rent a limo!

Back to the super human operating system, the 3rd week was all about the different states we experience as humans. This part of the training has a strong zen influence, I had no experience at all with this philosophy and at first I thought it was some new age mumbo jumbo but I gave it a shot. I have to admit, meditation and self reflection is the key to self realization. It truly changed how I saw myself.ken wilber meditating

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Review: The Good Dinosaur

This is another cute pixar movie (do they make any other kind?), this time the setting is set in a time when dinosaurs and prehistoric humans lived together(when was that exactly?) The twist is that the dinosaur is the smart one who can talk and the human boy is more like a taken in pet. These two have quite the bonding experience as the dino tries to get back home after being swept away by a flooding river. In truth I don’t see many great messages here to the kids. Friends stick together maybe, that would be it. This is pure entertainment and my kids watch it often, which is a good thing.

Latest Update Superhuman OS

When I first went through the Superhuman OS I really dedicated myself to learning the system. I listened to it everyday at work for months. I believe one must internalize important information over and over again until it is integrated into our lives. That means I listen to it or read it until I start to use the data in real time. This course really started making a difference in my thinking process. It changed me. I promised myself I would re-listen to the course every year. I just started going through the info again this week.

So far I have reviewed the first two weeks of the course, this is mostly the basic foundation of knowledge. The one thing that did stand out to me is the number of hours it takes for a human to master a skill set. 5000 to 10000 hours of study and/or practice. This is very useful to me because as I mentioned earlier in this blog I have recently started my own business, a business I am still learning as a skill set. So this information reinforces my belief in myself and my abilities. Every hour I spend in study and practice moves me closer to mastery of my craft.

10 thousand hours may seem like an inordinate amount of time to some people, but as i mentioned before that length of time is needed to master a skill. I can make a good living at that same skill in a much shorter time frame, as long as that skill is in demand. I know what I want for my future and mastering my chosen profession will get me there.

The course basics teach me that all humans grow through the same levels. We must complete one level before we move on the the next. It is very difficult for people that are on different levels to communicate with one another. It sounds strange, but after you look for these different levels you can actually see them in two people who are disagreeing. It is a very odd thing.ken wilber drawing Continue reading “Latest Update Superhuman OS”

My kids Movie

Inside OutHere is a Pixar movie that I down loaded onto my phone for my kids to watch when we travel or wait. “Inside Out” came out in 2015 and my kids love to watch it. The story line goes as follows:  Riley is an eleven year old girl from Minnesota. She plays hockey and has many friends . She  enjoys her life.

The  problem is that her father is starting a new business and the family must move to San Francisco.  Riley has a lot of emotional issues adjusting to her new environment.

The twist to the movie is that Riley and her problems are only a subplot. The real story is that her life is being seen from inside of her head, and her emotions are all characters with their own motivations and stories. It is as though Riley’s emotions are puppeteers controlling her. Continue reading “My kids Movie”

Explaining the Title

DVD to iPhone is a blog about the many things I load on my Iphone.  I have three children under the age of ten, so many of my uploads are from movies on dvd; hence the name of the blog. I am also a self improvement junkie, so a lot of the stuff I upload is motivational in nature. I will be talking about both topics in this blog.

I suppose some back story is appropriate here. In May of 2014 my wife told me that she was ending our marriage of 9 years. We had three children under 8 years old. To say I took it badly would be a huge understatement; I was devastated. The following year was the most difficult of my life.  I was tormenting myself on a continuous basis; the pain was unbearable. So began my journey of self discovery, a voracious pursuit of self improvement.

That was how I found out my first rule of personal growth: it all starts with pain. I believe that humans will not initially look for a way to improve their lot, or their lives, unless they are feeling enough pain. It makes sense I guess; if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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